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Fabrics sets the mood in your home


Seeking a distinct design in her cushions, inspired both by the history in fabrics and current design and with an understanding of modern production techniques, Christina strives to design collections that will serve the need and set the mood in homes around the world.

Christina makes playful cushions in all the color you can imagine. You will fall in love with her cushions and keep them forever, like gems. Her favorite fabric is velvet, a fabric with unique texture that gives extra depth to the colors.


We are proud to tell that every cushion is made to order and hand made in Denmark. All fabric is sourced in Europe and every cushion has an animal friendly and anti-bacterial down filling.


The large variety of colors, patterns and combinations in the DISTINCT-collection gives you a chance to make your own collection that matches your style and mood.



Recycling history


While travelling all over Europe, Christina is looking for vintage and antique fabrics from across the world to incorporate in the collection. Her vision is to create cushions and bedspreads that bind together authentic, historic fabric with modern 21st century design.


The unique and timeless pieces in the VINTAGE-collection combine contemporary materials and authentic vintage fabrics with their original patterns intact. With these one-of-a-kind pieces, history is recycled and gives your home style, individuality and substance.


While working as an apprentice with an upholsterer, Christina discovered all the fantastic fabrics they stripped off old furniture. She started recycling these beautiful fabrics into unique vintage pieces and today designing the VINTAGE-collection is still one of her favorite tasks. Every piece is made with a lot of love.


Her hunt for fabrics with a history is ongoing, and new items will appear in our online shop soon.



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